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Strengthening and Empowering Women


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Feeling stuck in your weightloss journey?  Not sure where to even start?  Overwhelmed by all of the diet choices and workout programs?  I can help!  Together we can co-create a plan that will detail all of your goals and get you taking the right steps TODAY towards a healthier YOU.


Whether you need help with food, exercise, stress management, proper sleep, or creating better habits and quitting the bad ones-- click below and type a short message letting me know what you're wanting help with.  I will contact you within 24 hours to set up a free call. 

My passion is to strengthen and empower women who feel stuck and frustrated in their journey to lose weight and make healthier choices.  Whether it be choosing healthy foods, regular movement and exercise, managing stress, or even just loving themselves more and having confidence...I can help because these are some of the things I once battled.  If you're tired of doing hours of cardio each week, starving yourself, or yo-yo dieting then it's time to stop! Together, we co-create a plan to enhance self-motivation and self-regulation, leverage strengths, navigate a journey of change, and build other resources like mindfulness, self-awareness, positivity, hope, optimism, self-efficacy, and resilience.  Let's build a new stronger and healthier YOU both inside AND out!



“I started working with Melissa as my coach after struggling with a difficult foot injury from years of running.  I knew in order to become better at the sport of running and to prevent injuries I needed to get stronger.  Melissa coached me through a strength training program.  We worked on improving my strength and then balancing my exercise activities with my diet and lifestyle.  Melissa has a knack for pushing her clients out of their comfort zone but in a positive and influential way.  She sets obtainable goals and adjusts to what works for you as an individual.  I’ve felt my strongest working with Melissa and now feel more than equipped with the education and tools to continue progressing on my own.  Melissa has taught me how to be more mindful about my health overall.  I would recommend Melissa to anyone who wants to see improvement in any area of their health.”

Tory W.

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