Are you ready to to get started on your journey toward feeling better?  Do you find it hard to stick to eating healthy and exercising?  Then this group is what you need.

Having a community to support you and to help with accountability is CRUCIAL.   Whether it’s better nutrition, regular movement, healthy habits, positive body image, stress management, or weight loss— this group will be a game changer!

Fit and Fierce 2.0 will launch on Thursday February 4th @ 7pm CST via Zoom. We will meet once a week on Thursday evenings for group coaching for 4 weeks PLUS a bonus 1:1 sesh with me if you sign up by Feb. 1st!

This community support will be instrumental as you work towards new, healthy habits and making better decisions in your nutrition and exercise.  Interacting with others that are on the same journey can be both insightful and encouraging.  Sharing recipes, workout ideas, and discussing challenges can be the resource needed to have success in making long-lasting changes.

Registration for 
"Fit and Fierce 2.0"
4 weeks of Group Coaching and Support 

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