I’m running TWO coaching groups starting in January!⁣

The first group is for those who want to get their minds and bodies healthier. Whether it’s better nutrition, regular movement, healthy habits, positive body image, stress management, or weight loss— this group is for you. ⁣

Fit and Fierce will launch on Saturday Jan. 2 at 9am CST via Zoom. We will meet once a week on Saturday mornings for group coaching for 4 weeks PLUS a bonus 1:1 sesh with me if you sign up by Dec 28! 

This community support will be instrumental as you work towards new, healthy habits and making better decisions in your nutrition and exercise.  Interacting with others that are on the same journey can be both insightful and encouraging.  Sharing recipes, workout ideas, and discussing challenges can be the resource needed to have success in making long-lasting changes.

The second group, Fearless Motion is for those wanting to take BOLD and AUDACIOUS action in their life or business. ⁣

This group is super exciting for me because I will be taking a few bold and audacious actions along WITH YOU! I’ve got some scary steps to take this coming first quarter of 2021 and if you’re wanting to level up then you should too!⁣

If there is something that you KNOW it is time to do, or something that scares the crap out of you but you know it is a necessary step needed for your growth, then this group will be a huge support for you. ⁣

This group will meet first on Thursday Jan 7 @ 7pm CST and for the next 4 weeks.  If you have hesitated on making a big move, need a push to go for it, and the accountability to follow through, then Fearless Motion is right for you!

Both groups are priced at only $97! This is a heck of a deal that I will not offer for such a low price again after this.  And if you are interested in being a part of BOTH groups, you can join them both for only $157!  So jump in and make sure that you are taking the right action steps in 2021 to have a kick butt year!⁣

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