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20/20 Vision

There's just something about a fresh start, ya know? It's like a new jar of peanut butter, untouched, smooth topped. You peel back that fresh seal, and there it spoon marks or old crumbs. Just a perfect, velvety finish of nut butter goodness.

Like whenever Monday comes around. It doesn't matter how bad last week was, it's a new week. A new start. "Well I fell off the wagon and ate terrible all week, but I'm starting over on Monday" or "Come Monday, I'm going to hit the gym every day".

And now, we are all feeling that same sentiment as we near the new year. Here it comes. 2020. A brand new year. A fresh start. This last year may have been challenging, discouraging, a disaster, a year of regression, a year filled with losses and disappointments....none of that matters. Because when the calendar turns from December 31 to Jan 1, it's like hitting a reset button.

But there is one thing to keep in mind: You have to make the decision yourself of how the year 2020 will unfold for you. You have to decide ahead of time that YOU are going to MAKE it a GREAT year. Having the best year of your life DOES NOT happen by chance. It happens with purpose. If you're wanting to be healthier by eating better, or by exercising regularly--this will only happen if you PLAN FOR IT. If you're hoping to grow your business or get a promotion at work--this won't happen without putting forth extra effort. Maybe you want to be a more affectionate wife/husband or to spend more quality and focused time with your kids this year--you have to make the decision to do it, and set up a plan to make it happen.

I realize that life will throw some curve balls your way this coming year that you didn't expect. And you can't stop that from happening. But you can control how you REACT to those curveballs. You can choose how you respond to life's punches--whether you let them discourage you and hold you down, or whether you fight back and keep pushing forward.

One way to plan for having a great year, is to sit down and write out your goals for the new year. What are you hoping to accomplish in 2020? What are you wanting to make a part of your regular routine? What changes do you want to see in yourself this year? What do you dream of doing or being this year? Another great question to ask yourself is WHY is that goal or change important to me? What makes me want to work on that in this upcoming year? What will change for the better if I reach that goal? What happens if I don't reach that goal this year?

Then, write out some simple steps that you can take to get you moving towards those goals. Sometimes it is best to keep it very simple by asking yourself, "What is ONE thing I can do right now that will help me reach this goal?". For example, if one of your goals is to lose weight this year, then ask yourself what one thing you can do now to help move you toward that goal. Like maybe cutting sugar out 90% of the time and only having in very small amounts here and there. Or maybe taking a 30 minute walk everyday. Then, work on JUST THAT one change. And only that. Until you have it down and it is part of your regular routine. Then, try working on something else in addition to that. One small step at a time.

The year 2020 could quite possibly be THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE. But it will require you having a vision for your future and setting in place goals and steps to take to reach those goals. It may also require you FORGETTING your past failures and shortcomings. Listen, if I had let my past failures stay in the forefront of my mind, I wouldn't be where I'm at today. I had to let that crap go. Philippians 3:13 says, "....forgetting those thing which are behind, and reaching forth to those things which are before." You can't have a vision for your future, if you're clouded by your past. Learn from your past, but don't let it keep you from seeing hope for tomorrow.

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