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Cake Runs

Confession: I don't eat healthy 100% of the time.

Even worse, my husband and I sometimes go on "late night cake runs". We've actually done this a handful times and I'm really glad I've never ran into any of my friends while doing this. So basically, these happen at the end of date night. We've had dinner and enjoyed some time together. Maybe we've already gone home and are hanging out and watching a game or a favorite Netflix series....and all of a sudden we get the idea that cake would be really yummy AT THAT VERY MOMENT. We try to shake the notion, but can't. So, we hop in the car.

It's kind of pathetic when you think about it. We legit go from grocery store to grocery store looking for the perfect cake. And to us, that means white on white. White cake with white icing. Real icing. None of that whip cream crap. Real, butter filled, icing. Pretty much we are looking for wedding cake. Or a birthday cake. We will stop at Krogers, head over to Walmart, or even go into Sam's if we can't find the perfect cake. It doesn't matter if it's decorated or not. Once we bought a random cake that had a picture of sandals on it and said "Summer". We thought this was hilarious. Like, who celebrates summer? Do people have a party for summer? We didn't care. We bought it and took it home and had us a summer celebration.

So why am I sharing this? So you can understand that although eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and MOVING somehow, someway EVERDAY is what we do.....we also eat cake. Not everyday. But there are times that we get a little crazy and have some junk. I would say that 85% to 90% of the time, we are very mindful about everything we do and eat. But on the weekends, we sometimes go on cake runs.

Keep in mind, that if you are in a season of life with specific goals such as weight loss or healing from an illness, you may not be able to take these splurges very often. But do know, that just because you have decided to clean up your diet and your lifestyle, doesn't mean you can't every once in awhile get a little wild and crazy....and go on a cake run.

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