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Daring to Dream....

I wonder if I'm crazy sometimes. The things I dream of. The goals I aspire to achieve. The businesses I imagine creating, managing, being successful in, growing to new heights. Sometimes I feel I'm all over the place. I contemplate whether I should reel myself back in. You know, come back to reality.

But then I'm reminded that most great accomplishments in life, began with a dream. Some person who was maybe thought to be crazy, came up with some huge and impossible-seeming idea. And they BELIEVED in it. I'm sure other people in their circle told them it wouldn't work. But, they didn't listen. They boldly moved forward with their crazy and outrageous sounding idea. And they succeeded.

I have a lot of big and sensational ideas. I have really detailed and vivid visions for myself, my family, and my businesses. I have visions of businesses that I have yet to start. Books I plan to write. Courses I want to create. And women (and even men) I hope to encourage and help someday.

I think some people in my circle think I'm crazy. They don't understand these big ideas and silly sounding dreams. And that's okay. Because it's not their dream. It's not their vision. IT'S MINE. So, they don't need to understand it. Or even believe in it. Only I do.

I believe there is power in stating your dreams and goals. Say them out loud. Write them down. Speak them into existence. Don't just keep them inside. Put them out there. No matter how big or crazy they sound.

Believe in them and then decide what steps and actions need to be taken to make those dreams a reality.

And there's one thing to keep in mind with all of this. Failure, in some form, is inevitable. Because you can't have success in life, without failing, in some way, along the way. The key is, that you keep trying. You keep going. How do you respond to that failure or to that "no" or to that road block that pops up along the journey. Do you let it stop you? Or do you find a way around it?

Someday, years maybe down the road, I'll look back and read this blog post, and smile. Because I have no doubt, that in some form or another, my dreams and visions will be my reality.

What dreams do you have for yourself, your family, or your career? And how willing are you to pursue those dreams, no matter how impossible the journey ahead seems? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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