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I Might Be a Little Crazy

I get easily overwhelmed. I'm that person who can be in the best mood, singing, whistling, bopping around the kitchen, and then all of a sudden ONE THING and then BOOM!! The world is crashing down around me, my life is falling apart, I am a wreck of a person and can't do anything right and now the rest of my day is completely ruined. Sound familiar? LOL

It happened Saturday night. I was going with my husband to his 20 year highschool reunion. I was a little nervous about this event since I didn't know anyone and I figured I'd just be sitting around all night trying to figure out which one of these women my husband "made out" with the most in highschool. (Just kidding Mike) I was feeling fine about going though and was getting ready. Hair and makeup done, all that was left was picking out my clothes. Piece of cake, right?

So I put on the outfit I had planned on wearing until I realized that I really didn't have a cute jacket or cardigan to go with it. I tried on multiple options and nothing looked right. And by this time, it was time to leave. Mike was ready, patiently waiting by the downstairs door. And that's when it happened. Utter mind chaos turned loose! I started to panic, not knowing what in the heck I could possibly wear to this event. What if all of the other women there were dressed to the hilt in their stylish clothes and fashionable choices. And then I walked in, wearing this thrown together random outfit that made me look like a NERD! I even started worrying that I would embarrass Mike. He would probably want to leave me in the car!

I went downstairs feeling super self-conscious and unsure of myself. I mentioned to Mike that I was "sorry I looked so ridiculous in this outfit and hoped I didn't embarrass him." He didn't respond. Not because he agreed with me, but because he wasn't sure how to respond to this outrageous and confusing statement. LOL. And of course his no response left me believing that yep, he agreed--I looked ridiculous and embarrassing.

The whole darn thing is hilarious now. We ended up having a nice evening and as I looked around at all of the women, I noticed how different all of their styles were. One was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie! Some looked stylish and some looked plain. But none of it really mattered once we got there. The funniest part of all is that one girl, who was by far the craziest in the group with her loud and extrovert behavior and who was drunk before she ever even got to the party, came up to me and told me how much she loved my outfit. Makes me laugh now because I wasn't sure if I should have felt better after she told me that or felt even more self-concious.

For this one story, I have a million others. I've gotten alot better about this, let me tell ya. But I still struggle with it. My crazy brain can take something that is NO BIG DEAL and make a big deal out of it. I have ruined many a night for myself because of dumb stuff like this. Something I have done that has helped me is to tell myself CHOOSE YOUR REACTION. Because you seldom can choose what happens around you, but you can ALWAYS choose how you react to it. So your coffee spills on the kitchen floor just as you are leaving out the door to work.....choose your reaction. You can either freak out and let it ruin your day, or you can shake your head, laugh it off, and say "Okay let's do this". I mean, it's really not the biggest deal in the world right? Your cat puked on the living room rug when you were rushing around to get the kids ready for school and you're already running late? Yep. Been there. And there have been times in the past where I let that set the entire mood for the day. Instead, laugh it off. Remind yourself that in the grand scheme of this life, IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL! There are worse things that can happen in a day, and be sure to be thankful that if the worst thing that happens today is that your toddler decided a toothpaste mural in the bathroom would be pretty....consider yourself BLESSED.

Can anyone relate? Or is it just me??!!

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