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Launch and Adjust

Recently, after listening to a podcast on being an entrepreneur, the phrase, "Launch and Adjust" caught my attention. The woman in the podcast was talking about how she finally got her online business up and running. She was having dinner with her husband, and she was telling him all of awesome ideas she had for her "someday business" online. After listening to her go on and on about all of these dreams and ideas, her husband finally said, "You need to quit talking about all of these plans and just LAUNCH AND ADJUST". So she did. And now she has an incredibly successful online brand and thriving business.

So what does "launch and adjust" even mean? It means whether you are ready or not, whatever step or plan you have been talking about for months, it's time to stop talking and get er' going. Like Elvis' song says, "A little less conversation, a little more action!" (one of my fav Elvis songs!)

This website and this blog that you are viewing right now, is a perfect example of that. I DID NOT feel ready to do this. I don't know how to create an awesome and perfect website. I also have no clue how to blog! I am sure I will look back a year from now at these first few posts and laugh at myself! I have a lot to learn. This website has selfies and stock photos instead of professionally done pictures. Not all of the action buttons on this website even work! I am still working on my email listing and what it will offer and entail. There is SOOOOO much to still do!

But instead of waiting until everything was perfect and complete to publish this website and blog, I just did it. I launched this baby (and I was nervous let me tell ya!) and I will have to make adjustments along the way. But I did it! That was the hard part. And it was something I had been dreaming about and envisioning for a year!

I have a friend who has started a business of making signs for people's homes. She and her husband are doing a great job and are even filling their schedule with vendor fairs and events to sell their products. But she's dreaming of doing classes with people who will come and make their own sign. She's been talking about it for awhile now. So I said to her, "Launch and adjust. Just do it. I'll come to the class. Even if it's not perfect, who cares!? We will have fun and you will have the first one under your belt." (I'll let you all know when her first class is scheduled. I look for it to be this fall!)

So what is it that you have been envisioning for yourself? Taking a class? Going back to school? Creating a website for your side-hustle job? Applying for a new position? Getting a certification? Joining a gym? Learning a new skill or hobby? Whatever it is, if it's something you've been thinking of for awhile now and just can't shake it....LAUNCH and ADJUST! The time is now. Just do it. And no matter what happens, it will be a personal victory. Even if it doesn't go as planned, it isn't a failure. Life is full of experiments. See what works. And adjust along the way.

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