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Proactively Positive

News headlines, Facebook posts, lunchroom conversation, radio talk, client's comments, friend's complaints, family drama....all of this. Everyday. In our ears. In our heads.

It's negativity. It's discouraging. It creates fear, anxiety, uneasiness, and sense of hopelessness. Listen to enough of it and you'll walk around thinking that we live in such a messed up world and that your life sucks and nothing feels right.

If you walk willy-nilly through life listening to all of this and not proactively seeking out the positive...then you will be just like the rest of them. Spewing out negativity and toxic talk everywhere you go.

Unfortunately, positivity doesn't just show up at your door every day. Not many are out delivering great news and announcing how awesome life is and how blessed they are. It's not in our nature to be that way. We are drawn to the bad stuff. The gossip. The gloom and doom. I don't know why. It's kind of disturbing right? And I'm guilty of it too. I love watching a docu-series on an unsolved murder just as much as the next Netflix subscriber!

If you want to be a positive person who radiates optimism and emits an energy that people are drawn to, you will have to proactively seek that out each and every day.

I want to be the kind of person, that after someone leaves an interaction or conversation with me, they feel encouraged and uplifted. I want them to feel more hopeful and to have a new found belief in themself that maybe they didn't have before.

To be this way, I have to be incredibly intentional about it. Because it's not natural. Even sitting here now, thinking back over the week, I am remembering my conversation with clients in the salon, and man oh man--I brought up some garbage to talk about!

I was initiating talk about Covid, vaccines, the war in Afghanistan, politics....YUCK!! Why did I do that? Because it's fun to talk about stuff that sucks! It's in our nature.

I wonder how many of those clients left my salon after that feeling encouraged and like they could take on the world. Ugh!

So how do you become a positive energy in a world filled with negativity? Fill yourself with good stuff. Every day, be intentional about putting good messages, music, uplifting stories, inspirational ideas, audio books that are encouraging, podcasts that edify and pump you up....fill your mind with this stuff!

It won't happen on accident. These types of things don't come looking for you. You have to look for them and put them in your daily routine. If you fill yourself with these types of resources and influences, everyday all day as much as possible, you'll have a better chance of giving it out to those around you. And you'll have a better chance of internalizing them for yourself.

Oh, and one more thing....quit watching the dang news!

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