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Secret Sauce?

Have you ever looked at someone who seems super successful, whether professionally, financially, or just in their personal life, and wondered, "How did they get there? What did they do to reach that high place? What is the secret to their success?"

Well, do you want to hear something crazy? They most likely didn't just do "one thing" that suddenly changed it all for them. There wasn't a magic potion or secret sauce that made them what they are or gave them what they have.

Here's what they did. Ready for it? They did the right things, everyday, consistently, over a long period of time. That's it. Nothing big. Nothing major. Just small, simple steps each day along the way.

Most successful people have a few things in common: a strong morning routine, an intentional and well planned daily schedule, a consistent exercise/movement habit, clear and concise goals, a regular appetite for personal development, and interaction with a circle of mentors/coaches/friends that think BIGGER than they do and challenge them. These are things that they do everyday without fail. Non-negotiable!

None of these things are earth-shattering, mind-blowing activities. I haven't told you anything that you've never heard of. These are simple things that EVERYONE can do. Yet, EVERYONE does not. Or, if they do, they only do for a short time but don't make them a priority everyday. When they stand alone, none of those things that I listed are that impressive. But when you compound each one with the other, and over and over, on a daily basis for the long haul.....MAGIC STARTS TO HAPPEN!

Let's bring it down to a practical level. If you are wanting to be healthier and/or lose weight, and you start to exercise, but you only do it once a week- you won't see the results that you desire. But if you make exercise a part of your DAILY schedule, and day after day, for weeks, and then months- you will inevitably start to see major changes in both your mental and physical health.

It's not as if one day of weight lifting will make your body strong. But day after day, with consistency, those efforts will compound themselves on each other and your strength will grow. Without a doubt. And you can apply that truth to anything else in your life. Your business growth, your personal growth, your relationships....the more consistent you are in putting the work in on the regular, the more results you will see over time.

John Maxwell says, "You cannot change your life until you change something that you do every day." #truth

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