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What's Your Superhero Power?

I'm not really into superhero movies. There. I said it. No more pretending. Sorry Mike. When we dated, and I watched all of those dumb supernatural movies together, and I pretended to like them--I was a fraud. I think they are stupid. And now that we are married, he is lucky to get me to sit for 2 hours and watch ANY movie with him, but especially superhero movies. I don't dig it.

I have always enjoyed watching things on TV or the movies that could actually happen. You know, like these movies where some destitute, unwanted and judged female crosses path with a debonair, high profile wealthy man, and he ends up falling for her and loving, that could totally happen, right?

Truth be told, we could all use some supernatural happenings in our lives. So even though when I watch those movies, and can't help but think the entire time, "This could never happen....this is so far fetched", I must admit that there is a part of it that I think we can learn from.

It seems in all of these movies, the superhero has their own special "super power" that is unique to them. For example, Superman can fly. He also has x-ray vision which could be very interesting! The Incredible Hulk has incredible strength. And he's green and his shirt rips off when the transforms. Ironman can also fly and he has a really cool outfit that he wears. Batman....well he drives a cool car and has a nerdy friend. See what I mean?

So now I ask you, and myself, what's our superhero power? We all have one. Or maybe we have several. I believe our super power is derived from our story. Our life's journey. The crap we've been through, survived, endured, and came out of on the other side. Our stories are what make us so unique. They feed into our strengths and give us special abilities, gifts, that we can use in this life to help others and to develop ourselves into better humans.

These special powers, tools, skills, character strengths that we have, thanks to our journey, are what we have to offer. Have you ever asked yourself, what is my purpose? What makes me special? What is something great that I can give and contribute in this life that will make a difference? Well to answer those questions, I ask the question, "What is your super power?"

I know what mine is. Well, I have several. (I'm pretty much Wonder Woman, if you didn't know already) The journey I have trudged through in this life has given me forgiveness, tolerance, unconditional love, perseverance, self-love and acceptance, and understanding. I have learned how to get back up after getting knocked down. I have learned the meaning of being forgiven, restored, and redeemed. I know how to rebuild and push on after losing what felt like everything and having no hope. These are special gifts that I have to offer others. My life is a life renewed and rejuvenated with a fresh purpose and meaning.

These super powers of mine have led me to the following decision:

I am shifting my coaching focus from that of women's health and wellness, to more of a life restoration coaching. I feel led to help women who feel ruined and hopeless from the damaging effects of making poor choices, disastrous mistakes or committing devastating

transgressions. I have been in that place. I know all to well what it is like to feel as if you have wrecked your life, reputation, family, and future. I know the deep pain in your chest of feeling hopeless and forever ruined by sin and dumb decisions.

Yet I also know how to stand back up. To not give up. To keep the faith and carry on one step at a time. I know how to develop self-love and acceptance again after a time of hating and despising myself. I know what it is like to lose all of the respect and admiration from everyone in my circle, to then regaining that respect back and being used to encourage and edify those very same people. I know the path needed to discover one's purpose and place in this world, and to find contentment and joy each and everyday.

Most importantly, I know how alone I felt during that time, and I feel led to reach out to women feeling that same abandonment, and assure them that they are not alone. There is hope and help for them and I hope to be used to deliver that message to them.

This is a calling, no doubt. It would have to be, because why else would I do such a thing? It almost sounds a little crazy when I write it out. It even kind of scares me too. Being a health and wellness coach, well that's much more common, accepted, normal. But this.....a life restoration coach.....what even is that? Is it a thing? Well, if it isn't-- I am making it a thing! Health and wellness are definitely needed and I do feel that I have learned a thing or two about those topics. I am still able to help women in those areas and I must say that health and wellness play a huge roll in the mental, emotional, and spiritual well being of a person. But I definitely do not feel PASSIONATE about dedicating my life and career to those areas. Not in the same way that I feel about life restoration. Life restoration gets me excited!

A life devastated by a terrible decision or a maybe even a long struggle with something CAN be rebuilt. I believe that NO ONE is unredeemable. If someone wants help, if they admit their shortcomings, if they take responsibility for their role in the devastation and they are willing to put the work in, they can be restored. I have no doubt. It may seem like an impossible feat at the time and there will be some that will doubt they can do it or that they are capable. But I see it differently. And maybe I see if differently because of my superhero powers. I KNOW the power of self help, development, and the forgiveness and love of God in my life. I've experienced it. I am a life changed and renewed. I want to share my super powers with those who need it. Those that are feeling weak and helpless.

Time to put my cape on.

P.S-- I would love to hear from you! Share in the comments on this post what your thoughts are on this. And share what your super powers are. What special abilities and strengths do you have because of what you have experienced? And how can you help others with it?

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