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I know what it’s like to lack self-confidence, to feel weak, unsure of myself, and intimidated to walk into a room filled with people.  I also remember walking into a new gym, wanting to go to the weight room, but after seeing all of the men with barbells and the fit women on the weight machines, I timidly headed toward the cardio room and got on a treadmill for the next hour.  I wanted to feel comfortable in my own body.  I wanted to feel strong and healthy and to feel confident about my lifestyle and the choices I was making.


For the first time in my life, I started to understand nutrition and what I needed to be fueling my body with.  I also began to learn that I didn’t need excessive cardio and starvation to have a body I could feel good in.  As I began lifting weights and as I started to get stronger physically, I began to notice that the benefits weren’t just showing up on the outside of my body.  I started to realize that I was changing on the INSIDE too.  I was becoming a stronger woman emotionally and mentally.  I started to see myself as more capable and soon realized my self-worth.  I quit taking crap from people around me.  I got out of a bad relationship that I had been stuck in for over a year.  I realized that I deserved better.


It was then I started to look around me and see that the majority of women out there were struggling with the same issues.  Hating their bodies, being ashamed to wear a swimsuit, confusion on what eating healthy really means, afraid of lifting weights, lacking confidence, feeling like a failure because they can’t lose weight and maintain it.


This is why I became a health and wellness coach.  My desire to help women discover their own strengths and abilities to achieve their goals in life.  I want to help those that feel they have tried everything to lose weight, feel good, be healthy, and exercise routinely yet they just can’t seem to stick with it.  I look at each person as an individual whose needs are uniquely their own.  There is no cookie-cutter diet plan or exercise regimen!  No one size fits all when it comes to health and wellness.  




I have completed a year of robust learning and am an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach. I  have also worked for years as a personal trainer and have helped women who have never even picked up a dumbbell to gain confidence in their physical strength through resistance training and weight lifting.  I have competed in Crossfit, powerlifting, Strongman, and bodybuilding/physique events.  I have a wide range of knowledge from these experiences and am able to help women at all levels of their wellness journey, even those who have no experience at all.


If you desire to feel and look better, to be comfortable in your own body and to love yourself, then you’re at the right place.  If you want to find an exercise program that you enjoy and look forward to, to be eating whole, healthy nutrient dense food regularly, and to feel confident about the lifestyle you are living, then click JOIN NOW below to schedule a FREE consultation with me and to join my email list.  

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