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Get Around Big Thinkers

Entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn once famously stated, 'You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with'.

This statement refers to research proving that our lives are heavily influenced by our relationships. The people we spend the most time with, will be the voices that you are hearing most often from. This can be good. And this can also be very bad.

I want you to think right now...who are the people right now that you spend most of your time with. For many of you, it will be your family. Think also about the people you surround yourself with at work, and in your social life. What are these people like? Are they successful? Do they exude a positive energy? Are they go-getters? Are they big thinkers and dreamers? Or are they energy-suckers, or "Negative Nancy's", or always struggling to stay ahead due to poor financial choices or lack of motivation?

Now, I realize that we can't choose our family. So if your family is filled with naysayers and party damper-ers….then that's just how it goes. I'm not saying you should dump them all and forget they existed. But what I am saying, is you can intentionally surround yourself in life with the right kind of influences so that all of the other time that you aren't with your family, you are getting lots of awesomeness.

And with saying that, I'd be careful what topics of discussion I would bring up around those said naysayers. For instance, if you have a new business venture that you are setting out on, you probably shouldn't bring it up for open discussion with your family that are always shooting your ideas down. In fact, you should be very choosy with who you do bring it up to. Because unfortunately, the majority of average thinkers in this life are NOT going to understand your ambitious and audacious goals.

And here's the thing....we all have this thing called our "subconscious". And this is the part of our brain that is always trying to keep us safe. It's where all of our self doubt and fear creep in. We fight this side of our brain EVERY DANG DAY. It's that part of our mind that when we have some big, crazy, "out of comfort zone" idea, it tells us..."nooooo--you shouldn't do that--that's too risky---that won't work".

So in addition to all of the outside voices that may be telling us we can't or we aren't capable, we also have this powerful INSIDE voice warning us to stay put...stay safe...don't take any unnecessary risks.

Well then what is the best way to counteract all of these outside and inside voices that try to keep us down? By saturating ourselves with POSITIVE voices, messages, material, and content EVERY DAY and as often as possible. Because it's not natural to be in this positive and brave place all of the time. So we fight it on the daily!

This is why I intentionally put myself "in a room" with BIG THINKERS. I am a part of several online groups and influencers who think WAAAAAAAY bigger than I do. They are constantly pushing the ceiling up of my limiting thoughts and beliefs. I don't always feel like I fit in with these types of people. Because they just seem to be at such a different level than I am. BUT regardless, I keep myself exposed to their ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and ideologies so that they will begin to rub off on me. And it's already working.

I read books, listen to podcasts, and watch interviews EVERY DAY of content that is challenging me to be better, think bigger, and dream HUGE. I have to do this everyday or else I will revert back to my small, cautious and limited mind. I don't want to be average in this life. I want to do HUGE things and be used in a HUGE way!

So I ask you....what are you exposing yourself to most of the day and week? What voices on the outside and inside are you hearing and how are they impacting you? Do those closest to you challenge you to GO FOR YOUR DREAMS or do they question your ideas and hold you down? If you're ok with mediocrity...then there ya go. That's where you'll stay. But I want to SOAR and to do so, I will need to be surrounded by people who push me out of my comfort zone and who BELIEVE that I can fly.

PS-- If you feel like you're being held back in life, or no one is around to support you in your dreams, please message me at I would LOVE to talk with you about what your goals are and how we can make them possible.

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