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Spread Some Sunshine

One of my current self-development projects is to spread more positivity and less negativity. I mean, why not? There is enough crap out there already. This is exactly why I don't engage in political nonsense. To be honest, I don't watch ANY of it and since I'm currently not on Facebook, I don't see any of the political bantering. You know what all people that get involved in the political happenings of this country have in common? ANGER. Haha!! Seriously! They all get super hateful and angry about it. I see it all day long in the salon. Older people who saturate themselves in it all day and then talk about it while getting their hair done. They get all worked up and red faced and bothered. It's kind of hilarious! And then they tell me that I "really should be informed". And I'm over here going, "Yep, no thanks. Not appealing. I choose calm and happy!"

Am I being foolish to choose to be un-informed and "out of the loop"? Maybe. (there are other ways to be informed than listening to the news or Facebook by they way!) But I know one thing. I sure am happy and worry free for the most part. When you fill your mind with negativity, you will project that back into the world. I purposely try to fill my mind with positive and uplifting information, music, people, conversations, and entertainment. I have even found it very therapeutic to watch a silly show like "The Office" because it is light and humorous. There is no heaviness to it. We need more of that because life can be heavy enough on its own. Why add to it?!?!

I'm writing this post right smack dab in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. This worldwide state of chaos is enough to make anyone feel gloom and doom and full of anxiety. If I allowed myself to sit and watch or listen to the news reports all day about this situation, I would most likely spend my days full of fear and depression. Because of this, I carefully monitor how much of this I expose myself to. There is no need to saturate myself with it all throughout the day. Just let me know when we can all come out from hiding and "social distancing"!

Have you ever met that one person who is always smiling, full of encouraging words, and never speaks a bad word about anyone? Can you picture their face? I can. My co-worker, Ashley, and I have clients just like that. I can picture one of her clients right now that is a sweet older lady that is always spreading sunshine. As soon as she walks in the salon she brightens the place up with her kind words and thoughtful actions. I have a client of my own that I'm thinking of too. We always joke about this person that we doubt she has ever said the "f" word. Hahaha!! She is the most gentle, caring, and compassionate person I've ever known.

On the flip side, can you picture that one person that you know that is ALWAYS a drag and ALWAYS spitting out negative talk. You know, that one person who never has anything good to say and always has something to complain about. Ohhhh yess….I can see their face right now. Yep. A "Negative Nancy". They suck the life out of you!

So now, ask yourself, "Who am I?". Are you "Suzie Sunshine" or "Negative Nancy"? When people think of you, do they think of someone who lifts others up, looks for the bright side of things, compliments others and spreads hope and happiness? Or are you the person that is always complaining or talking negative of other people? Maybe you enjoy gossiping and running the rumor mill about what you've heard.

And then ask yourself, which person am I when I am at home? Because it can be easy to be the positive and uplifting one when you are around other people. But when you are home, with your spouse and with your children, which are you? I would hate to think that I was nothing but negative to my family. To think that they would dread coming home or having to spend time with me! I want to be the number one cheerleader in all of their lives. I find myself at times, nit-picking at Mike about dumb stuff or criticizing him rather than lifting him up. That's not the kind of wife I want to be. And I definitely don't want to be that way with my kids.

One strategy I use to help with this, is I make sure that my thoughts about my family are always positive in nature. If you go through the day thinking the worst about your family, then you will project that to them in your actions later. If in your mind you are assuming that your husband or children will forget to do this or that because they always do, or that you can't count on them to help with anything, or maybe thoughts of frustration about them, then it will be very hard to treat them with positivity and respect. You have to THINK about them in a positive light. Remind yourself of their good qualities and how much you love them. Dwell on the fact that they are good at certain things or think often of the qualities they have that you admire. Keep the warm, fuzzy feelings you have about your loved ones at the forefront of your mind!

I also don't want to walk in the door and unload all of the garbage from the day on Mike. That's a lot of heaviness for him to have to listen to. There are times when I need to talk to him about some difficult situations, but I shouldn't dump it on him first thing when I get home or when he gets home. Think twice about complaining about your work day or people when you are home with your family. Be sure to balance it out with light, humorous, or uplifting stories. Make the good stuff that happened that day the focal point of your conversation. You'll be much more fun to talk to, trust me!

So be a Suzie Sunshine to those around you today! If this is a struggle for you, write out a daily reminder to look at. Put it on your daily prayer list and ask for God's help in being more of an encourager to your circle. Surround yourself with positive people and positive input. Keep the negative at a minimum and remember that for most of us, life is pretty darn awesome. Stay safe and healthy my friends and WASH YOUR HANDS!!

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